Proline Slingshot

The Proline Slingshot came to life through a partnership between Slingshot and our creative team.  Already an eye catcher from the factory we knew we had a solid platform to build on, but we would need to add our touch of lifestyle and tradition that is incorporated into all of our PROLINE builds.  From inside our garage we set out to redefine where new lines should start/stop while adding some high end aftermarket products to compliment the design.  We teamed up with some of our key partners to produce some one-off pieces that were then either chromed, painted or wrapped.  Complete with air ride suspension you can lay frame when your not cruising or in the canyons.

jumps and piston slapping engine revving, an unmistakeable roar in the woods reached undeniable resonance. What started as a test, quickly escalated into full on evasion mode.