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Indulge in the luxury of choice as you browse through our extensive palette of premium vinyl films, from bold metallics to sleek matte finishes, each promising to accentuate the contours of your vehicle with unparalleled elegance. Whether you envision a sophisticated satin black, a vibrant chrome, or a custom color blend that reflects your unique style, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

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Bringing the outdoors to the overlander. Subtle dimensional graphics can make the biggest impact.

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Couldn't have gone with a better company for the wrap on my car. The entire process from beginning to end was simple and professional. All of the staff were friendly and extremely informative. So happy we found and went with Proline Wraps!

Evelyn B.

Really grateful for the Proline crew at this new location!
Andrew and his team were beyond helpful and made the whole process very easy. I am extremely particular and they exceeded all expectations! My car looks flawless and their level of service is unmatched!

Dianne S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Color Change?

A color change car wrap is a type of vinyl film applied to a vehicle's exterior surface to change its color temporarily or permanently. It allows car owners to alter the appearance of their vehicles without the need for paint. Color change wraps come in a variety of colors, finishes (such as matte, glossy, satin, metallic, etc.), and textures, providing a wide range of customization options. The process involves carefully wrapping the vinyl film around the contours of the vehicle, giving it a new look while also protecting the original paint underneath. Color change wraps are popular among car enthusiasts, businesses for branding purposes, and individuals who want to personalize their vehicles. They offer flexibility, durability, and can be removed without damaging the original paint, making them a versatile option for changing the aesthetics of a car.

What vehicles can have a wrap installed?

Car wraps can be installed on a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from cars and trucks to vans, buses, and even boats. Essentially, any vehicle with a smooth and clean surface can be wrapped. This includes passenger cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, and more. The flexibility of car wraps allows them to conform to the contours of different vehicle shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for customization and branding purposes. Whether you have a compact sedan, a rugged pickup truck, or a large commercial van, a car wrap can be tailored to fit your vehicle and elevate its appearance.

Can I get printed graphics instead of a solid color?

Of course. We have a talented team ready to turn your dreams into reality. With our state of the art in-house print shop and design team, we can tackle any project, big or small.

Do I need to have my vehicle cleaned before the service?


Prior to the application of any paint protection film, it is imperative that all vehicles undergo professional cleaning to ensure optimal adhesion and flawless results. Should you find yourself pressed for time, rest assured, we offer comprehensive professional cleaning services to seamlessly complement the application process, guaranteeing the utmost in precision and quality.

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