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Paint Protection Film

Upgrade your vehicle's protection with Paint Protection Film (PPF). This advanced technology not only guards against road debris and stone chips but also provides a virtually invisible shield against environmental contaminants. With self-healing capabilities, minor scratches disappear, ensuring a flawless finish. Elevate your luxury driving experience by preserving your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and resale value. PPF is the pinnacle of automotive care, offering unparalleled protection and maintaining the pristine appearance of your prized possession.

Coverage Options

Our most popular options. Custom applications available.

Level 1

A must have for any car on the road. Protects the most common areas of paint chips.

Coverage: Front bumper and headlights.

Level 2

Protect your paint from the most common paint chip locations

Coverage: Front bumper, hood, front fenders, side mirrors and headlights

Level 3

For the ultimate car care. Complete paint protectin from bumper to bumper.

Coverage: All painted surfaces, headlights and windshield

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, a transparent, ultra-thin layer of polyurethane material applied to the exterior of vehicles. Also known as clear bra or clear film, PPF acts as a protective barrier against common sources of damage such as stone chips, scratches, bug splatters, and environmental contaminants. It helps preserve the paintwork's original finish and appearance, prolonging the aesthetic appeal and resale value of the vehicle. PPF is often applied to high-impact areas such as the hood, fenders, side mirrors, and bumper to provide comprehensive protection.

What vehicles can have PPF installed?

PPF can be installed on a wide range of vehicles, including:

1. Cars: Sedans, coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks, and sports cars.
2. Trucks: Pickup trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and off-road vehicles.
3. Vans: Passenger vans, cargo vans, and minivans.
4. Motorcycles: Sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, and off-road motorcycles.
5. RVs and campers: Motorhomes, trailers, and camper vans.
6. Boats: Powerboats, sailboats, yachts, and personal watercraft.
7. Aircraft: Private planes, helicopters, and other small aircraft.

Essentially, any vehicle with a painted exterior surface can benefit from the protection provided by PPF.

What surfaces of my car should I have PPF installed on?

When considering PPF installation on your car, it's typically recommended to focus on high-impact areas that are prone to damage. These areas often include:

1. Front bumper: Protects against stone chips, insect splatter, and minor abrasions from debris on the road.
2. Hood: Shields against rock chips and scratches caused by flying gravel and debris.
3. Fenders: Guards against damage from stones, gravel, and other road debris kicked up by the tires.
4. Side mirrors: Prevents scratches and chips from flying debris and minor impacts.
5. Door edges: Protects against scratches and chips caused by opening doors in tight spaces.
6. Door handle cups: Shields against scratches from fingernails, rings, and other objects while opening the doors.
7. Rocker panels: Guards against abrasions and scratches from road debris, gravel, and mud kicked up by the tires.
8. Rear bumper: Protects against scratches and scuffs from loading and unloading cargo, as well as minor impacts.

Ultimately, the decision on which surfaces to cover with PPF depends on your individual preferences, driving habits, and the level of protection you desire for your vehicle.

Do I need to have my vehicle cleaned before the service?


Prior to the application of any paint protection film, it is imperative that all vehicles undergo professional cleaning to ensure optimal adhesion and flawless results. Should you find yourself pressed for time, rest assured, we offer comprehensive professional cleaning services to seamlessly complement the application process, guaranteeing the utmost in precision and quality.

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Couldn't have gone with a better company for the wrap on my car. The entire process from beginning to end was simple and professional. All of the staff were friendly and extremely informative. So happy we found and went with Proline Wraps!

Evelyn B.

Really grateful for the Proline crew at this new location!
Andrew and his team were beyond helpful and made the whole process very easy. I am extremely particular and they exceeded all expectations! My car looks flawless and their level of service is unmatched!

Dianne S.

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