May 14, 2020



At first look, there is no doubt that this RZR is far from stock and clearly more to it than just a graphic wrap. Every piece on the car has been massaged, painted, wrapped, machined, or replaced with more high tech parts.The base RZR was stripped to the frame with all stock suspension and wheel end components removed and replaced with beefier, longer-travel, and more plush parts. HCR Racing supplied their Elite long travel kit, widening the XP by a massive 8 inches overall. With the Elite kit, you get a wider stance and more travel without a ton of added weight. Summers Brothers axles deal with the added width well, using the stock CV joints for reduced cost.

Mounted behind the steering wheel is a color-matched RacePak IQ3 digital dash, which features a lot more information such as belt temp, oil pressure, and boost sensors. A full custom carbon fiber dash kit from GlazzKraft graces the interior, adding some flair while also making room for more accessory mounting spots. The cockpit is comfortable, with long trips made much more bearable by the addition of the PRP XC seats and PRP 4-point harnesses. A full SSV Works 4-speaker system with a 10-inch sub stereo system with Bluetooth capability extends the creature comforts to modern luxury car levels.

This car is certainly a showcase of what can be done with a show-stopping graphic wrap with a few color-matched accessories like the Desert Works cage and doors, suspension components and beadlock wheel rings.


  • Desert Works
  • Polaris
  • Assault IND
  • KN Filters
  • HCR Racing
  • Racepak
  • King Shocks
  • Switch Pros
  • Rugged Race Radios
  • SSV Works
  • Hiper/Weld Wheels
  • Rigid Industries
  • Specialized Coatings
  • Heretic Studio
  • GMZ Tires
  • Buggy Whips
  • Sparks Racing
  • Lifeline Batteries